Pewter Buttons - Reproduction Pewter Buttons for Historical Costume & Uniforms
About my products

A nice selection cast from original buttons.
A nice selection cast from original buttons.
Suitable for 16th and 17th century clothing.
Lots of balls!
Lots of balls!
20 gauge lead musket balls in packs of twelve. 12 gauge and pistol shot coming soon.
Early Medieval
Early Medieval
Cross pendents 8th to 12th century. Made from English pewter.
Clothing Fasteners
Clothing Fasteners
Made from English pewter based on a 17th century design.

What I do
I make small items from pewter for historical re-enactment and living history displays. The bulk of my work consists of mainly making reproductions of pewter buttons from various periods in history.

All the items I produce are made by myself in the UK from either a pewter alloy or English pewter (which is lead free) and are hand finished. 

The bulk of my customers are history re-enacters and living history buffs who make their own kit and specialist historical costumers. I've done a lot of work supplying buttons for the film and television industry.  

As a result of plenty of field tests I can offer a robust quality made and authentic product which can if required survive the sometimes harsh conditions of the battle field or stage.

Custom Work
If you are looking for something a bit different I can make you a set of custom made buttons or other items using your own design or master please contact me for more information.

Some of the buttons I make are an exact copy of  a period button made by taking the original button and making a mold from it. Other designs are based on pictures of real buttons in various museum and private collections. 

Some of the buttons have a longer shank as often buttons were attached to a garment by pushing them through a small hole made in the cloth. Leather or linen cord was then threaded through the shanks on the inside and secured at the top and bottom this will hold the buttons in place. However you can sew them on like any other type of button.

The buttons are not polished and will tarnish with age, however little bit of rubbing with some wire wool will bring out a nice shiny finish. A polished finish is only available for buttons made from English pewter and costs extra please contact me for costs.

PB20 18th century button

 PB22 17th century button

PB18 15/16th century button
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